Top 5 First Date Ideas

couple at a restaurant

When you go on a first date, impressions mean everything. You want them to know what type of person they are and that they care about what you think about the entire date and of you. This is why choosing the best first date is crucial. There are a few date ideas mentioned below that will be sure to make a good first impression and super fun for both of you while still allowing you both the time you need to communicate and get to know each other. Doing something enjoyable shows how much you care on whether or not you both enjoy your time together, and that you want to show them how to have a good time all in one.

1. Bowling

This is one that is an oldie, but it is still good and highly regarded in the dating world. Get a little competitive and take them on during a few matches. Make a new game out of it by saying that whoever bowls better on each frame has to give up a fun fact about themselves. This provides hours of fun, while also getting to know them at the same time.

2. Local Music Show

This is a great way to let loose and learn a little more about each other. Not only that, but if you’re both into music then this would be the best place to go. You can buy drinks and some appetizers and really enjoy yourself. They also might have comedy shows going on as well if you’re more interested in that.

3. Aquarium

The aquarium is the best place to get a lot of talk time in. You can make a whole day out of it, and purchase lunch right at the aquarium. This allows you both to get to know each other while doing something peaceful at the same time that you both enjoy.

4. Try a New Cuisine

This goes without saying: good food, great times. If you try something new together, you might find that you enjoy it. This can be something that allows you both to talk and connect, while also trying different things. Make sure to be creative and find out if your date is allergic to anything ahead of time!

5. Pretend to be Tourists

This is exciting since you may not have seen the entire area where you have lived. Bounce from place to place to place like you have never passed or heard about them before. You both can learn more about the town or city and actually have fun doing so together. Make this a whole day project and make sure to stop for lunch.

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