Sex, Love and the Male Brain

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For the normal, everyday male, looking for the perfect, attractive female with all the right shapes is as natural to them as breathing. It is probably one of the most necessary things in life as well – just to keep the human race alive. The men who have made it today have been biologically selected throughout hundreds of thousands of years because their ancestors were good at focusing on fertile females.

Biology behind a Man

When a man spots a beautiful woman’s face and figure, they automatically go into the drooling mode and come in for a better look. Men have ultimately evolved to focus on certain aspects of a woman that indicate reproductive health. Research has suggested that a woman’s hour glass figure such as large breasts, small waists, full hips, and a flat stomach is actually integrated into men across every culture. This type of shape tells the male brain their prospective mate is healthy, young and normally they are not pregnant by another mate. A man’s detector that they have is usually a visual one. Researchers from the University of California found out that it only takes the male brain 1.5th of a second to classify a woman as sexually attracting or not.

The male brain is actually designed for sexual pursuit and it is on the top of his priority list of things to do. This area of the male brain is 2.5 times larger than in the female brain and the testosterone levels are close to 15 times higher than a woman’s. Research studies done report that men want to have 14 sexual partners in their lifetime, while most women only state that they would be fine with 1 or 2.

The Male Cheating Brain

Why do so many men out there cheat? This is a question that is on a lot of inquiring minds. No one knows the real reason for certain, but there are some clues. Men that have longer vasopressin receptor genes tend to stay with one mate and are married longer than those with short vasopressin receptor genes. It is also proven that married men live close to 2 years longer than single men. This is definitely something for men to look into when it comes time to settle down and get comfy; do they want that extra time on this world?

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