5 Money Relationship Issues and How to Solve Them


There is no denying that money plays a major role in relationships. It is even common for those couples that do not have money to break up because of it. There are 5 top money problems, and ways to solve them below. This might help you get out of the money troubles you are having and back into the romantic stage of the relationship like it should be. It can be the big bad wolf in the relationship so you want to make sure you’re well equipped.

1. Layoffs, unemployment, and pink slips.

These are all the number one issues that cause problems in a relationship. Not only will they affect the relationship, but they also affect self-esteem, emotions, and confidence. If this ever happens you should sit down and budget effectively by changing your lifestyle if necessary.

2. Children.

When children are involved in a relationship their costs can become increasingly high. Having the right type of budget and make sure that they are taught how to make their own money once old enough can help the couple better handle this hardship.

3. Birthdays, special occasions and Anniversaries.

Yes, they are important but you both should know the limit on how much to spend. Make sure to be reasonable, and agree on an amount. What you can afford and not a lot over. If you think $200 is reasonable, but they think $100 is, then you can meet halfway at $150 and everyone can be happy while being able to make it a night you both will not forget since you’re not arguing over how much you ended up spending.

4. Family holidays, weekend getaways, and vacations.

You want to agree on where to go, how much to budget, and be realistic throughout the entire process. You do not want to spend too much if you cannot afford it. It should be nice, but not over the top. Of course, if the time comes where you can go over the top, then make sure to budget well and plan everything ahead of time and you’ll be good to go.

5. Salary increases, financial windfalls and promotions.

You want to know what to do with this extra money, and arguing about it is not going to solve anything. You should think clearly and put the future in mind when it comes to when and where the money should go. Perhaps you should save the extra for a rainy day, or pay off some of the bills you’re behind on? If you’re not behind on any of them, then maybe pay some of them in advance? There are always solutions.

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