The Good and Bad about Online Dating


Online dating might not be the best thing for you, but it just might be for other people. There are pros and cons to online dating, just like there are to any other kind of dating out there. Finding out if online dating is right for you should be one of the first things that you do when it comes time to sign on and mingle. Weigh these pros and cons on your list to find out if online dating just might be what you need to meet the right person.


It saves time – Not only can you talk to many people at once, and decide which ones you want to meet, but you can actually block people from ever talking to you by filling out surveys on who you would like to meet.

You have a greater selection – You do not have to be limited when it comes to who you meet when dating online. This is because you can search through cities and cities of people that are qualified singles that you just might have a spark or two with.

Rejection is reduced online – You have fewer rates for rejection online since they just might not talk to you. You can also not talk to someone and it does not become awkward in the end since it is just a button and you do not have to meet anyone.

You have a better chance to know someone before actually dating – Having this chance to actually find out more about a person can help the relationship in the long run since you will know more about who they are. Learn about them then meet them, and see where it goes from there.

You can do a more focused search – This allows you to choose the type of person you want right down to their eye or hair color, or find out the social singles in your local area. This can eliminate those people that you would have to say no to anyway. Skip right over the ones that won’t work out, and jump right into the ones that will.


It is a bit scary – This is because you’re meeting someone from the internet that you do not actually know. You might feel a bit nervous or scared so make sure to meet in a public area.

The number of men outnumber the number of women on sites – This can be a problem if you’re a male looking for a female and there are only so many to choose from. Make sure to choose your website wisely.

Misrepresentation is common – It is common for people to misrepresent themselves online. They can Photoshop pictures or talk about the things that they do or like; that is not necessarily true. Make sure to talk to them a bit before jumping right in.

There might be a fee – When online dating, not all of the websites are free, so you might have to pay monthly fees to talk to the members of the website that you’re interested in. You want to make sure that you do your research on the site beforehand. We like - it’s a new way of dating online and offline through events.  This site offers a free premium membership if you sign up now and upload your profile picture.

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