Single Girl’s Habits Guys Want to Find Out


There are many habits that all of us have, but the single girl’s habits might be hard to break. There are some you can live with, but if some of the others cannot be broken, is it best to stay in the relationship anyway? Yes, women admit that they do some pretty quirky stuff that might scare her partner away if they ever see her doing them. Find out which ones you can and cannot live without when it comes down to her habits that she had when she was a single girl.

  • Making salad in a giant bowl and using the bowl for prep and eating to avoid washing any more dishes than necessary. This might be something that looks stupid but saving time when it comes to washing dishes later seems worth it.
  • Rinsing dishes instead of using actual soap. Soap is overrated when you are the only one that is using the dishes in your home. They are your own germs, right?
  • Washing your hands after using the bathroom when you’re alone, no one is around. Who wants to waste the hand soap?
  • Drinking straight from the bottle or carton. Yup, we all know we do it when no one is looking. Why waste a glass, or use one for that matter when you’re the only one there?
  • Eating straight out of the fridge or taking the food in bed with a laptop. This just cuts down prep time and time to sit down alone to eat your dinner.
  • Spilling something on the counter, and then wiping it down on the floor. Any types of crumbs do not stay on the counter for long, and they end up on the floor. Then they get stuck to your socks, yup this is something she does.
  • We are going to follow up the previous comment with wearing the same pair of socks multiple times. Even though they are dirty, why not wear them again. No one sees them anyway. Saves on laundry too.
  • Using your towel a long time before deciding to wash it. This just means less laundry since you do not have socks to wash either.
  • Waiting to buy toilet paper. Hey, you have tissues and paper towels, right? You can wait it out another week or so.
  • Taking a lot longer to wash period stained sheets than you actually think. Who wants to wash sheets? You’re the only one sleeping in them so who is going to actually see them?
  • Sleeping with a teddy bear or stuffed animal of some sort. What? She is a lonely person and doesn’t want to sleep alone; there is nothing wrong with Kermit or FuzzyBuns to be in the bed too?
  • Cupping our vagina or bare breasts while watching television. Yup, don’t you guys ever do that to yourselves? We do it too, so what?
  • Taking Facebook pictures in the mirror on end because we just can. We want to make sure we get every angle possible.
  • Listening to the same song on loop for a week straight. It doesn’t even matter if it something that is not so in at this time. If we like it, we like it.

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