Online Dating Safety Tips


Being familiar with online dating safety tips is key to protecting yourself when exploring the world of online dating. Many people turn to online dating as a way to broaden their horizons and meet other singles. They might sign up for an online site, such as eHarmony, or communicate with others via forums and social media.

While online dating can help you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, there are major benefits of face-to-face interaction. With face-to-face communication you can read body language, pick up negative vibes, see facial expressions and hear the other person’s tone of voice. This is often how we determine whether someone is worthy of consideration or a complete psycho.

There’s nothing wrong with turning to the Internet for help with your love life. But at the same time, you need to practice a few online dating safety tips.

1. Never Give Out Your Confidential Personal Information. The Internet lets you meet different people in different locations. However, it’s also the perfect place to take advantage of the vulnerable and naive. Do not let your guard down, keep each person at arm’s length and don’t believe everything that you hear.

Some so-called online suitors might fill your ears with sob stories of financial troubles and other difficulties. While it’s okay to sympathize with their plight, never go into your pocket or give out your information. This includes bank account information, credit card numbers and your Social Security number. Understand, however, these manipulative people do not ask for help early in the relationship. They might wait several weeks or months and attempt to build your trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an online relationship for two minutes or two months — keep your information safe.

2. Stay Anonymous. Lets be honest: there are a lot of unstable and mentally sick people in the world. If you’re longing for a relationship and desperately want to connect with someone, you might be tempted to give them your full name, address and telephone number during the early stage. Fight this urge. There’s a measure of danger associated with online dating. You don’t know this person, nor their past and it’s best to stay anonymous during the beginning phase of the relationship. It’s okay to give your first name and maybe your cellphone number. But keep your home address and home phone number secret — at least until you’re absolutely positive that this individual isn’t a complete lunatic.

3. Plan a Group Meeting. When you finally decide to come face-to-face with your online friend, plan a group meeting in a public place. Don’t bring the person to your house and don’t meet them alone. You don’t necessarily have to bring all of your closest friends with you, but bring at least one other person. Encourage your online friend to do the same. Choose a location that allows for conversation, such as a restaurant or the lounge area of a hotel.

Online dating safety tips do not imply paranoia. Remember, your safety is of upmost importance and your online friend should feel the same about his or her safety. If he or she doesn’t, be extra careful and watch for red flags.

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