Is it Time to Drop the L Bomb?


You have to find out when is the best time to say those three little words. If you do it too soon, it might come as a shock to the one you’re with and they may not take to it so kindly. As for saying it a little later, it might not be the best timing. When is the right time?

Usually it is the woman that says these three words first, but women you should let him say them first. Becoming too emotionally attached is something we are notorious for. It is hard to hold back those words when you just want to let that other person know how you feel and you do not know any other way to tell or show them. Of course, you should pay attention to these guidelines when it comes down to saying it.

You should say it when you’re sober… this should go without saying since you do not want the other person to think that it is the alcohol talking and not really you. If you say it and you’re tipsy, it might not go over so well so make sure to stay away from the bubbly when it is time to say it.

When you’re in the sack… while rolling around and doing the dirty deed, you want to make sure that if you say or even yell those words it might just be because it was in the heat of the moment. Once the fog and haze lifts however, you might not feel the same. This is why saying it when you’re not caught in the moment is better than in the moment.

When you’re not face to face… this might be a problem if you tell them over text, phone, or email because it is not really personal this way. If you feel strongly about this person then you should not have a problem telling them to their face and not behind an electronic. They might not take it seriously if you put it at the end of your convo if you have never said it before.

Try it out first… a lot of the time guys have a hard time saying that they love you because they do not want to seem too needy. If you say it first then chances are they will reciprocate. They have an easier time saying I love you too then actually saying it first. This can take the pressure off him and allow you to confess how you feel at the same time without having to bottle it up and wait.

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