Four Ways to Tame a Womanizer


A bad boy comes in many shapes and forms. He may be the good-looking, womanizing athlete who breaks girls’ hearts because he can, or the local celebrity with a cadre of female admirers. He’ll  introduce you to his latest lover, and a few days later, he’s onto someone new and she is a distant memory.  Many types of women find the Lothario “bad boy” to be irresistible, even upstanding good girls who should know better. If you find yourself  falling for a womanizer and wondering if there is something sweet and loving beneath that machismo, here’s how to find out without falling to far underneath his spell.


Be Subtle

Flirt with him in a subtle, mysterious way. Use words and coy gestures, not the obvious modus operandi of the bimbos who usually entice him.  Get him interested in you bit by bit by using a lighter approach.


Learn about His Other Interests

Find out what he likes, (besides trysting with women) and engage him in conversations about it. Even the most ardent womanizer has other interests, like music, travel or sports. Invite him out to a hockey game or a night at the sports bar to watch Monday Night Football if he likes sports. Introducing yourself to him as a friend with similar interests instead of a sex object will differentiate you from other girls.


Don’t Fall for the Lines He Uses on Other Girls

Womanizers and bad boys are used to girls following them around like puppy dogs. Don’t do his bidding the first time he snaps his fingers. Ignore him. If you really feel more than lust, you’ll wait for him to treat you differently than his usual marks.


Be Patient

Love usually takes time to blossom with any guy, but it will probably take a lot longer if you are interested in a bad boy. After all, he’s not used to being in a long-term relationship. Keep yourself cool and act non-chalant when other girls make their play for him. Eventually, most womanizers get tired  of the games they need to play around bimbos. When that time comes, you’ll be there to teach him the joys of being in a real relationship.

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