Why my boyfriend doesn’t want to include me in his social circle?


“I’ve been dating my boyfriend for six months and so far I think things are progressing well. We are both in the late 30s. I really want to get married someday sooner than later. My boyfriend said he also wants to get married.

I’ve introduced him to all of my close friends (female and male). But I have never met his friends. He asked him a few times and we argued about this. He said he will introduce me to his friends. But he never did it.

What is in his mind? Is he serious about this relationship?”


Any thought? Comment? Post your answer or comment below.

One Response to Why my boyfriend doesn’t want to include me in his social circle?

  1. Michelle says:

    If you google this kind of question, you can find it’s pretty common. There are a few scenarios when he doesn’t introduce you to his friends:
    1. He’s not really serious about this relationship.
    2. He’s not sure if you are the right person. He is not as invested as you are.
    3. He might be cheating or wants to have some backup plan.
    4. He has no friends, has a small social circle or is ashamed about his friends.
    5. He is ashamed of you.
    6. He is concerned that his friends might steal you away.

    No matter that your situation is, you need to communicate with him. His unwillingness is definitely a question mark and you need to talk to him and find out. You can then decide whether or not you want to move forward or move on. A real boyfriend who wants to commit and is passionate about the relationship wants to introduce you to his friends.

    Good luck!

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