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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Top 10 Places to Meet Singles

Meeting singles is hard enough, but imagine trying to do it when you also have to juggle the things going on in your life as well. Of course, the events that are going on also have to be something that you’re interested in doing as well. Not only do they have to provide you with an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in, but they should also provide you with other singles that also enjoy the same atmosphere. Check out some of the hottest singles spots.

10. Karaoke bars are one of the hottest spots to meet singles. Yes, it can be a little scary at first, but just think of all the fun you will have, and not to mention you can show what you have when you get up on stage and sing. Get a round of beers, bring out the friends, and loosen up a little.

9. Psychic shows are fun, but they also bring in a lot of singles. There is always something to talk about as well since there are shows, demonstrations, and you can even get your fortune read. This would be pretty cool, even for those of us not looking for dates.

8. Bike nature rides for singles. A lot of cities do this to get more people interested in the nature around them, but also to hook singles up with other singles that like to cycle and be in the great outdoors. You just might find who you’re looking for when you roll up ready for the day. Pack a lunch!

7. Wine parties are a popular place for young professionals looking to hook up with people. Wine parties loosen people up, and you will find other sophisticated singles that are looking for other professionals. This way you’re dating for pleasure, fun, and companionship and not just for money.

6. Clubs are also a great place to meet singles if you like to dance the night away. This is because everyone who is anyone likes to go out clubbing. They like to meet new people, dance, and perhaps go hang out some more somewhere else. This is definitely where you want to be if all of that sounds good.

5. Happy hour at bars are great if you loosen up after a few drinks and are social able.  Not only have that but a lot of singles go out to bars to meet new people after having a long work week. Who wants to stay home and do nothing on weekends?

4. Young singles groups are also an option in many cities. These groups help people meet and hopefully get a life long relationship out of it. They do matchmaking services to help those out that are looking for a little extra when it comes to choosing the perfect dates.

3. Online dating has been a big thing out there when it comes to meeting someone that you really want to be with. This is because a lot of people spend a lot of time on computers, so it would only be natural to meet the one you want to be with on one as well.

2. Lock and key singles parties are popular because they host a fun game and a great way to get to know singles at the same time. You can try your lock and key games almost anywhere. If you want to host your own lock and key games you can even get the games from many outlets online.

1. Speed dating might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to meeting people, but it can work.  Not only can it be fun, but it also means that you can meet a lot of people in a short amount of time. You swap numbers with only those that you want to speak to again.

Of course, why stop with this list? Check out the dating and singles events section here!

Five Spring Dating Ideas

“In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”, the poet Lord Tennyson wrote in his poem,  Locksley Hall, in 1835, and in 2012, the sentiment is true as ever, for both men and women. Now that the weather is warmer, it’s time to shed our heavy winter duds and get out in the sunshine with a Significant Other or a cute new date. Instead of opting for the usual dinner and a movie, get some fresh air with one of these spring date ideas.

Picnic in the Park

Make your own lunch or order up a specially-prepared picnic basket from a swank eatery. Add a blanket or some lawn chairs and enjoy an afternoon or evening talking, laughing and people watching in the park.  Add a fun twist by bringing an old-fashioned board game, like checkers or Monopoly.

Outdoor concerts

Dinner isn’t the only activity that expands into the great outdoors in the spring.  Musical performances are often featured in parks, building courtyards and at outdoor venues, which open up in the spring in most cities. Many cities, like Chicago and San Francisco, offer free summer concerts and festivals.

Get sporty!

Now that the weather’s warmer and the sun’s shining a bit more, it’s time to take your exercise regime outdoors. And it’s more fun to do that with a date than go solo. Play tennis, go hiking or indulge in a game of bocce ball (if you’re in NYC. there are two bocce courts in Manhattan.) Even if you and your partner aren’t sports-oriented, you can still engage in a round of miniature golf, maneuvering your way around all sorts of quirky obstacles.

Talk to the animals!

Take a walk through your local zoo, admiring the giraffes, rhinos and all nature’s extraordinary creatures. This a great way to have fun and get to know your partner a bit better without the formality of talking over dinner in a restaurant, for example. You can get fresh air, exercise and keep a running commentary on the antics of the koala bears, marmosets and other entertaining animals.

Enjoy the Beach Before the Crowds Take Over

Most people don’t think about going to the beach unless it’s a holiday weekend or a sweltering day.  You and your sweetie can beat the crowds by visiting your local beach long before high temps become the norm.   Even if it’s not warm enough to swim you can still take a romantic stroll along the sand. Enjoy the solitude, the surf and each other.   If the snack bar is closed, bring your own gourmet lunch.

Attract The Man of Your Dreams by Using a Woman’s Secret Weapon – Confidence

Women primping for a date focus on fixing their hair, their dress and preen in front of the mirror until their physical appearance is as close to perfect as possible. After all, good looks are the main way to find a boyfriend, right? Well, yes and no. Think of it this way. Looks can hook the guy, but it’s confidence that reels him in. An assertive woman who knows what she wants out of life and deals with people in a friendly and forthright manner can gain a lot of male attention even if she’s not scantily clad. And a girl with a sense of curiosity and fun can  attract practically any guy she fancies.

A confident woman is not a bossy woman. There are men who like a dominant woman who takes charge of business and personal situations in a couple’s life, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about an open-minded woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. The confidence that attracts a man takes many guises. It can be a perky and boisterous confidence or a coy, under the radar-self-assurance. But if a woman has it, men will notice.

When women chase after a guy, desperately wanting him to call or text or tell her she’s pretty/interesting/smart, that’s one of the best ways to drive him off. But if you live your own life and contact him once in awhile in an easy, natural way, he’ll come calling. No, you don’t need to play hard to get. You just need to live your own life and have your own interests. When you treat having a boyfriend as part of your life, not the be-all and end-all of your existence, you’ll attract more guys.

Even if you life isn’t totally in order, you can still exude confident. Have a good attitude. and strive to conquer problems. Don’t wallow in them. Nobody likes a “Debbie Downer”, though the occasional moment of self-doubt is normal l for occurrence for all of us.

An average-looking woman with a confident or even playful attitude will attract more long-term suitors than a good-looking drama queen. While men might be attracted to the stereotypical good-looking “crazy” or troubled woman for a fling, he certainly won’t bring her home to meet Mom. So work on yourself – become involved in work and hobbies that bolster your confidence– it’s the best way to hook the man of your dreams.

Four Ways to Tame a Womanizer

A bad boy comes in many shapes and forms. He may be the good-looking, womanizing athlete who breaks girls’ hearts because he can, or the local celebrity with a cadre of female admirers. He’ll  introduce you to his latest lover, and a few days later, he’s onto someone new and she is a distant memory.  Many types of women find the Lothario “bad boy” to be irresistible, even upstanding good girls who should know better. If you find yourself  falling for a womanizer and wondering if there is something sweet and loving beneath that machismo, here’s how to find out without falling to far underneath his spell.


Be Subtle

Flirt with him in a subtle, mysterious way. Use words and coy gestures, not the obvious modus operandi of the bimbos who usually entice him.  Get him interested in you bit by bit by using a lighter approach.


Learn about His Other Interests

Find out what he likes, (besides trysting with women) and engage him in conversations about it. Even the most ardent womanizer has other interests, like music, travel or sports. Invite him out to a hockey game or a night at the sports bar to watch Monday Night Football if he likes sports. Introducing yourself to him as a friend with similar interests instead of a sex object will differentiate you from other girls.


Don’t Fall for the Lines He Uses on Other Girls

Womanizers and bad boys are used to girls following them around like puppy dogs. Don’t do his bidding the first time he snaps his fingers. Ignore him. If you really feel more than lust, you’ll wait for him to treat you differently than his usual marks.


Be Patient

Love usually takes time to blossom with any guy, but it will probably take a lot longer if you are interested in a bad boy. After all, he’s not used to being in a long-term relationship. Keep yourself cool and act non-chalant when other girls make their play for him. Eventually, most womanizers get tired  of the games they need to play around bimbos. When that time comes, you’ll be there to teach him the joys of being in a real relationship.

Why my boyfriend doesn’t want to include me in his social circle?


“I’ve been dating my boyfriend for six months and so far I think things are progressing well. We are both in the late 30s. I really want to get married someday sooner than later. My boyfriend said he also wants to get married.

I’ve introduced him to all of my close friends (female and male). But I have never met his friends. He asked him a few times and we argued about this. He said he will introduce me to his friends. But he never did it.

What is in his mind? Is he serious about this relationship?”


Any thought? Comment? Post your answer or comment below.

Seven Tips for Dating over 40

The dating game is a little different for men and women over 40. On the positive side, they know what they want out of life and out of a potential partner.  Many other factors, including bad experiences in past relationships, time off from the dating scene and energy devoted to career and children make them wary of meeting new people. Here are some ways the over-40 set can readjust to dating:


Use Technology to Screen Dates

Do a bit of research before going out for coffee. Talk on the phone a few times or use video Skype – you need to hear and/or see your potential date for some pre-screening. Don’t be wary of dating technology; it’s your friend.  Hearing a voice or seeing someone via webcam their home computer is a lot more spontaneous and telling than simply using e-mails and Facebook posts to ger acquainted. If you’ve been out of the dating pool for awhile and haven’t used online dating, consider posting a profile. Have a tech-savvy friend help you if your prior dating experience involved old-fashioned methods like singles bars or in-person matchmaking.

If a potential date sounds like a flake (or worse) after a few conversations or video chats, you may want to opt out of a real-life date. Some people may come off better in person than on the phone, but gracefully end communication if you get a bad feeling about the person or just aren’t interested. If someone seems desperate to meet you or gives you an ultimatum (“We have to go out on Tuesday night. I can’t reschedule.” ) avoid them. If they are that bossy now, imagine what they’d be like in a relationship!


 Act Naturally

Forget about all the dating rules you followed when you were younger. You’re probably so set in your ways you wouldn’t follow them if someone asked you to! And that’s a good thing. It’s no use pretending you’re something you’re not to attract a date – sooner or later, they’ll discover the real you, so save yourself time and act naturally. Potential dates who are really interested in you will respond – the lukewarm candidates you wouldn’t want anyway will stay away.


Look Your Best, but Don’t Turn on the Time Machine

 Experiment with different looks before going on a date. Choose clothes, shoes and a hairstyle that make you look good. Don’t try to look younger or replicate the outfit you wore on the first date with an ex years ago. Accentuate your best assets, and camouflage flaws. Don’t be too casual, but don’t overdress either.   Women should avoid excessive make-up and jewelry.  Both men and women should avoid wearing clothing with logos on them. It’s way to casual and tells your date you didn’t put much thought into your appearance.


Focus on the Present, Not the Past

Talk about what you’re doing now what you plan to do in the future Eventually the conversation will lead to stories from your past and your date’s past. But don’t dwell on what you did 10 years ago – you date wants to hear about the person you are now. Big no-no – don’t talk about your ex in detail on the first date.


Be Open to New Types of  People

Once you get to 40, you’ve gone through a lot and have a lot of  baggage (both good and bad.) Don’t discount someone because you’ve had bad experiences with people in their profession before (musicians, bankers, construction workers, etc.)  Keep an open mind. Give your date the benefit of the doubt.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If  you’ve been alone for awhile, you may get all starry-eyed  two seconds after meeting an interesting , attractive date. Don’t suggest moving in or nightly dates too soon, however.  Get to know the person emotionally, intellectually and socially before making any commitments.


Find Fun but Age-Appropriate Date Options

Instead of going to a dance club or restaurant, think of something with more originality and pizzazz. nice but not too serious foreign film, or retro movie house. Go on a picnic in the park, a jazz concert or something a little quirky, like a visit to an interactive art exhibit. Leave the trendy flavor of the moment scenes to people in their 20s.  Draw from your life experiences to chose something memorable for you and your date.


Our Favorite 11 Places to Meet Singles

Meeting singles is hard enough, but imagine trying to do it when you also have to juggle the things going on in your life as well. Of course, the events that are going on also have to be something that you’re interested in doing as well. Not only do they have to provide you with an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in, but they should also provide you with other singles that also enjoy the same atmosphere. Check out some of the hottest singles spots.

11. Las Vegas – Daddy Macs Karaoke Bar – This is definitely worth checking out. If you like to sing, or just watch others shake their groove thing on the dance floor, then this would be the bar to check out. Many singles hit this one along their way through or if they are a resident of the area.

10. Miami – COSMIC Poker Bowling – This is an event you don’t spot every day. It is only $10 per person to cover you, and free shoe rentals! Play against others in the area, or grab your friends and head out. Music, beer, and great fun for singles of all ages!

9. Phoenix – Luncheon “How to Spot Psychic Fraud” with International Psychic Meria Heller – This is definitely out of the ordinary when it comes to meeting singles, but it sure can be fun! Not only will you learn how to spot a phony, but you can get your fortune as well.

8. New Orleans – Albita Springs Bike Ride and Lunch – This is being held on April 18th at noon. Definitely worth a check out if you’re an outdoors type of person. There should be many other riders!

7. Denver – Chilean Wine Party 90+ for Young Professionals – This comes around every year, so you will want to get your tickets in advance! This is definitely one of those things that get sold out quickly. Young professional singles are mingling around while wine tasting.

6. NYC – Best NY’s Food and Adventure Club’s Game Night – They do this every year! If you’re in the 20’s and 30’s age range, and you’re a single male or female then grab your games and put your game face on. Males against females and a whole lot of fun.

5. Buffalo – Happy Hour at the Snooty Fox – Starts after 6 PM. The show up is usually really good. It is not just for singles, but a lot of singles happily come along. If you want to meet people from the area, singles, couples, and friendly people alike, stop on by.

4. Jacksonville – The Jacksonville Young Singles Group (20s and 30s) March Meet up – This is for those singles that want to get out and mingle in the Jacksonville area. Not only are their games, drinks, food, and fun but you get a chance to meet singles in your age range.

3. New Jersey – Affinity Singles Parties Every Sunday Night at Encore – $8 admission, doors open at 7:30 PM and party until midnight. All singles are encouraged to come out and meet other singles in the area. You never know, you may have a good time.

2. Chicago – Lock and Key Singles Parties (Ages 24-49) – This is a great way to break the ice when it comes to meeting new singles. Women get a lock, men get a key, and everyone gets prizes.

1. Fort Worth – Pre Dating or Speed Dating – This is open to all singles in the area. Get your one minute with each person, and choose whether or not you would like to call them for a longer, better date. Get your hands on all the singles of the area.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Date

Going on the perfect date is essential, but why not spend it in the wide open, airy, outdoors since the weather is nice and now is the time to spread your wings? Not sure what to do outdoors during your date? This is something that you might ponder over for a while, but keep in mind that the more unique and your own that you make these dates; the better they are going to be in the end. So take the ideas and give them your own unique twist.

10. Play it up at the Park – This goes without saying. Bring a blanket, a picnic basket full of favorite foods, and a game or two and enjoy your time together in the wide open outdoors. This can also be a great way to open up, enjoy your surroundings and your date without many loud distractions.

9. Take me out to the ball game – Even if they are not a baseball fan, or you’re not a baseball fan, a ball game can still provide to be fun. Grab a hot dog, nachos, chips and some beer and you’re bound to have a good time. Pick a team and root.

8. Visit a beach – Going for a swim is a great way to have fun in the sun, spend some time together, but also see each other in your bathing suits. That is always a good thing when it comes to getting a little eye candy.

7. Play a sport together – Feeling a little competitive? This might be just the thing to get you guys going. Play some volleyball, basketball, or sport of choice. You might be surprised at who wins!

6. Amusement park, anyone? – If you’re looking for thrills, and so is your date then why not make a fun date out of it? You can go to a local or not so local amusement park for a little fun in the sun, laughs, and amazing rides.

5. Hiking – Hiking is always fun to do. You can talk, listen, laugh, and enjoy the great outdoors when it comes to hiking. Enjoying nature will never be so much fun when you’re with someone you actually enjoy spending the time hiking with.

4. Mini golf for laughs – This might be a common date, but it can be a fun one. Stop for some ice cream after the game and laugh at how bad, or amazingly good you both did on each hole.

3. Kayaking or canoeing to pass the time – There will be plenty of time for talking along this trip. Bring fishing poles and a lunch so you can both enjoy the water. Just make sure they do not get sea sick before planning the whole adventure out!

2. Outdoor concert – Enjoy a concert of a favorite band. There are always outdoors concerts going on throughout the warmer months of the year, so why not choose to snag tickets to one for you and your date?

1. Carnival or circus – These might seem childish, but they are fun nevertheless. You can win things, and hold onto them like no tomorrow. Feel like a kid again, who wouldn’t want to?

How to Choose Social Events to Meet Other Singles

When it comes to choosing the best places to meet other singles, you might be out of the loop. You might be newly single, or perhaps the places that once were for singles are not anymore. This can be a problem when you do not want to be single for long, and you know somewhere out there is someone for you. Spring is coming, and it is time to throw on your best outfit and enjoy the weather and all of the other singles out there.

Clubbing or Dancing

This is an event that you want to go to if you’re really into dancing and loud club music. Chances are that the singles there like this type of stuff, and if you’re against it, you might encounter problems later on in the relationship. Of course, if this is not your scene then you’re not going to be yourself and perhaps be in a good mood, and that is not a good first impression of someone.


Doing something outside can be enjoyable if the weather cooperates. Not only can you be in more comfortable, casual attire, but you can also play sports, have picnics, and be in a laid back atmosphere without yelling and loud music to distract you. Not only that, but you can see clearly when there is natural light, so you know exactly what the other person looks like.

Fine Dining

Everyone likes food. You might find that eating dinner with some wine eases tension between people that just met. The food can also be an opening conversation point for the people talking, or perhaps you’re enjoying fine dining in an art museum. The art can open up all new avenues to explore. You can find singles that are on the same intellectual level as you.


Mixers are fun for anyone looking to sit back, relax and meet other singles. These can go on anywhere, in clubs, in houses, and also at restaurants or cafes. Going to these not only can open you up to a whole new world, but you will also notice that there are so many different types of people out there.

Happy Hour

If you like to drink, have a few mixers and meet new people then this would be the event to go to. Mostly everyone loosens up when they have had a few to drink. A lot of times, at these events they provide drink specials for everyone who attends. Definitely a place you want to go with other distractions so you do not have to feel uncomfortable.

Dating Workshops

These provide introductions for you through professional match making services. A lot of people think highly of these workshops. This is because you’re able to get professional help when it comes to meeting someone that matches you perfectly. You also can get introduced which reduces a lot of awkwardness.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is not for everyone, but it can be a fun way to meet a lot of people when you do not have a lot of time to date. You meet a lot of people, different people at the same time quickly. You decided whether or not to exchange numbers during the minute or two dates that you have.