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Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

5 Powerful Yet Simple Ways to Give Your Love a Shot in The Arm Without Saying a Word

Who doesn’t like to say and hear those 3 little words: “I love you”? They express our feelings of love, passion and intimacy for our sweetheart. But you would be making a huge mistake to rely only on words to show your love and affection for your sweetie; since it is what you do – more than what you say – that really counts. Read on if you are ready to let your actions speak louder than your words.

Below are 5 powerful, effective and simple ways to give your love a shot in the arm – without saying a single word.

1. Using the steam in the bathroom from your morning (or evening) shower, take your finger and draw a big heart on the mirror – and put you and your honey’s initials inside the heart so he/she can see it when they go into the bathroom to take their shower. This is guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. What a great way to start your day!

2. Have a sense of humor. Surprise your partner by putting funny pictures of yourself in their sock or underwear drawer. This lets him/her know you are thinking of them. And don’t underestimate the value of a good laugh!

3. Perform acts of random kindness. Put the toothpaste on your sweeties toothbrush and fill up their cup with fresh water in the morning – and then watch him smile with surprise – and delight – when they realize what you have done for them. These simple little gestures and acts of random kindness pay huge dividends for putting romance and intimacy in your relationship.

4. Bring your partner coffee or tea in bed in the morning on the weekend (this is my favorite). This is guaranteed to not only perk your partner up – but it will also start their day with a jolt and a smile.

5. Give your honey a huge spontaneous hug in the morning before they leave for work – and/or at the end of the day when they return home from the rat race! You will be shocked to see how much your sweetheart appreciates these tender gestures of affection.

Try putting these 5 powerful, effective and yet simple ways to show your love and affection for your partner without saying a word. Remember – actions speak louder than words. So take simple action throughout your day to show your honey your love for them; they will give your relationship a shot in the arm every time.

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Dr. Patty Ann is a world renowned relationship expert and a licensed psychotherapist who has helped hundreds of people learn how to increase romance and happiness in their relationships. She can be found at www.drpattyann.comwww.twitter.com/drpattyannwww.facebook.com/drpattyann.

What Your Mother Never Told You About Living Happily Ever After

There are few things as wonderful as young love! We all remember those butterflies in our stomach when we first met the man (or woman) of our dreams. What happens to those butterflies as time marches on and our young love becomes a little more mature? Where do those butterflies fly off to? For some, old love means cranky, crotchety love –and this does not have to be the case. Below are three truths you wish your mother had told you for keeping your relationship solid, strong and loving so that you can live happily ever after.

1. Yes, your partner’s family, and your family, does matter. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Remember the classic movie “The Godfather”? Early in the movie, while attending his sister’s wedding, Michael Corleon references his Mafia family to his girlfriend Kate and says: “that’s my family Kate, that’s not me”. Fast forward and we all know that Michael became exactly like his family — and his father! This might be an extreme example but you are only kidding yourself if you do not believe your families will impact your lives together. For better or for worse — we marry into each other’s families when we marry each other. You might not like to hear this, but like it or not, it’s true. Even attempts to be different from our families acknowledge their influence on us.

2. The belief that “all you need is love” is the biggest bunch of propaganda ever invented. No, love is not all you need if you want to go the distance and live happily ever after. You need plenty of other things – the most important one being the ability to effectively communicate. As time marches on, and the you-know-what -hits the fan, and it will – communication will be the key for keeping your relationship strong and healthy!

The more critical the crisis that arises in your life, or your relationship, the more vital it is for effective communication to take place. The key for effective communication is the ability to choose your words carefully and express your feelings and thoughts with sensitivity.In addition, effective communication requires active listening – that is, the ability to listen to your partner with an open heart and an open mind, without your own hidden agenda!

3. Money will solve all our problems. Just the opposite is true. Recent research suggests once a couple reaches a certain income level – their problems do not diminish, but in fact escalate. So the expression: “more money more problems” is proving to be validated by current research. Sure, a certain amount of money can ease some of the stressors of life;however money cannot buy you happiness, mutual respect, empathy, etc. Therefore, it is a mistake to think all your problems in your relationship will be solved if you just had “x” amount of more money. Thinking this way is often a smoke screen for avoiding the real issues in your relationship — whatever those real issues might be!

We all want to believe in happy endings and this week’s relationship advice gave you three untold truths about how to make your relationship a fairy tale ending! Here’s to living happily ever after!!

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Dr. Patty Ann is a world renowned relationship expert and a licensed psychotherapist who has helped hundreds of people learn how to increase romance and happiness in their relationships. She can be found at www.drpattyann.comwww.twitter.com/drpattyannwww.facebook.com/drpattyann.


Six Types of Women to Avoid

OK, so you may not know exactly what you want in a potential date. One of the best ways to figure out what you do want in a girlfriend is to make a list of what you definitely don’t want. And 99.9% of guys out there can do very well without the following types of women in their lives. 

The Gold Digger

No self-respecting woman will settle for dinner served from a burger joint’s 99 cent menu, but the gold digger expects you to be a walking ATM machine. She’ll focus on your car, your furniture, your clothes and the restaurants you frequent instead of you. Beware when a woman expects you to pay for everything, not even bothering to even offer to pay for her drink or lunch. If she’s always asking for financial help in the fledgling stages of your relationship, that’s a major red flag. If a woman you’ve just met really likes you, she’ll want to make a good impression and won’t insist on money or trinkets right away. Once you’ve known a woman awhile and trust her, helping her financially isn’t a problem for most men. When you’ve just started dating, that’s a bad sign. Of course, if she’s extraordinarily attractive, some men don’t mind dealing with a trophy wife/girlfriend. Unless you’re  loaded like a Rockefeller, though, even a tryst with Miss Universe isn’t worth sending you to bankruptcy court.

The Man Hater 

This type of woman had a bad experience with an ex-husband or another man in her life. She’s never quite gotten over it, and she’ll take it out on every man she comes in contact with, even the nice ones. She’ll always find a way to bring up her ex and his nasty habits.  She’s so concerned with the past she can’t look at the positive things in her current life, and that includes you.

The Drunk/Druggy 

You might not know her secret at first. A drunk or drug addict may be able to hide her problem when you first meet her. She might attract you with sexy clothes and a life of the party attitude, but soon her erratic behavior will disrupt your life. Her unexplained disappearances and bad news friends will take the place of dinner dates and romantic interludes. She takes advantage of men who are sexually attracted to bad girls or  nice guys who can develop  a rescue fantasy about her.  Avoid this type of woman at all costs. She can lead you to worst places than the poorhouse. 

The Psycho 

She demands to know why you didn’t return any of her 15 text messages and calls you obsessively. She shows up at your workplace unannounced or accuses you of cheating on her with platonic female friends and co-workers. She will take it upon herself to weed out the people and things in your life she doesn’t like. You get the idea. Women like this rarely change their tactics; they are unable to see the error of their ways. They  won’t take a break from this behavior during the course of your relationship. A psycho is pretty consistent. Get out before she slashes your tires-or worse. 

The Desperate Type

This type of girl may be attractive, interesting and/or intelligent, but her desperation to please you knows no bounds, and not in a good way.  She’s so anxious to get on your good side she doesn’t disagree with anything you say and doesn’t have opinions of her own. She’s always available,  calls you a little too much (but not in a demanding way, like the psycho) and jumps at any chance for a date. She might have other good qualities, but her low self-esteem diminishes your desire. She may be harmless or closely related to The Psycho, but you probably won’t be around long enough to tell.

Ms. Know-It-All

We’re not talking about a smart, opinionated women, We’re talking about a my way or the highway type, a descendent of a those old comics of the wife in hair curlers with a rolling pin. She is the opposite of the Clingy Type. Any man who stays with her runs the risk of being permanently henpecked. Ms. Know-It-All is in charge of everything, from how you dress to what you eat. She rarely compliments you and nitpicks at everything you- and just about everyone else- does.   Unless you want to spend all your time mumbling,” Yes, dear,” opt out and look for a confident woman who will let you get a word in edgewise.

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