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Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

What PDA is He Actually Okay With?

The right touch that you do to your man just might boost the intimacy in your relationship. This is true while in and out of public. Not a lot of guys are keen on PDA, but maybe, just maybe, the right touch will make them think again when it comes to showing just a little PDA. Very few guys try to stay out of the spotlight of PDA when it comes to looking deeply in your eyes and cuddling with you in his favorite sports bar.  When you see couples lean in to whisper deeply into each other’s ears you know that they have a connection that not a lot of couples have. This whispering inside the ear triggers shivers all down the body since the ear is an erogenous zone.

The Stealthy Caress

When it comes to stroking each other under the table, you need to know the key element of this type of touch. You want to know the boundaries between sexy and inappropriate. When a girl caresses a guy’s thigh, they usually zone out a little and their bodies react. Of course, they might be at ‘full attention’, but you know their attention is on you and the caresses that you’re giving him under the table.

Arm Locking

If you’re just walking side by side, and you casually let your arm slip underneath his, and you think nothing of it, he actually likes it. It is an old school type of move that makes your guy feel like he’s the man; they feel desirable and protective this way as well. This works on those guys that are skinny and not so macho as well. A lot of guys also like the fact that their girlfriend wants other girls to know that he is taken. This shows that she cares about him, and doesn’t want to give him up.

Grabbing His Butt

You will want to catch him off guard, by surprise when you pinch his butt. It allows him to know that you’re in the mood, even if you’re out and about. It lets them know that you’re able to look, but once you look then you absolutely must touch. It makes the guy feel like their girl cannot keep their hands off of them, and normally they are pretty much okay with that. Since guys startle easy, make sure not to do it when he is holding anything that could spill during the little pinch.