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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Use These Beauty Moves to Seduce Your Crush

If you want to make the guy of your dream’s jaw drop the next time he sees you, do some of these irresistible beauty ideas. You have to keep in mind that the truth of the matter is, there has to be physical attraction. Without this attraction, no one is going to date you, or even notice you for that matter. Turning the heat up and making sure that he notices you are things that you can definitely pull out when it comes to being around him.

  1. Get the sweet taste and look. Instead of using normal body lotion, try a flavored body powder. This will give him a surprise when he kisses you all over. Not only that, but these all over body powders give off an enticing and tasty smell, so how could he resist?
  2. Apply a self-tanner all around. Use self-tanner and perhaps skip the bikini area. This is simple and sexy. This will give you a ‘beach getaway’ look, but also make you look absolutely beautiful. He won’t help but stare when you shed those clothes. You might want to show off a little more than tan lines by the end of the night.
  3. Red is the color to go with. Paint your nails red to show the fiery seductress within you. You should only wear this one scent during those times when you want to be sexy. If you wear your everyday perfume, it could be hard to seduce him, of course, if you wear a special perfume he will automatically become turned on from memory of the last time you wore the scent. Choose something feminine and very subtle instead of in your face loud.
  4. Put on some fake lashes. Your lashes will be thicker and longer, but they might not notice this. They will however, notice that your eyes are looking bigger and more noticeable. This is very sexy and he will enjoy your eyes with these lashes. Don’t put lashes on every day or he might get used to it. So just take them out for special occasions.
  5. Choose a sexy scent to entice him. Red is the color of passion and if your fingers and toes are this color, it is definitely a tempting color to weigh. This sends out a sexy signal, and makes sure that he notices that you’re all for some sexy time with him. There are many shades of red, choose a deep bright red sexy color that you like the best.

Now that you have some key tips, you can put them to good use. Show off what you have, and make him want you. You might be surprised at the results that you get when he notices you. Flutter your lashes, laugh at his jokes, and pull him right in to you. It can be that easy when it comes down to it. Now you can have the guy of your dreams.

A Few Signs That He’s Attracted to You

There are a lot of signs out there that can show you whether or not he is attracted to you for more than your looks. You want to know if he really likes you, or if he just is pretending so you do not feel bad. Perhaps he thinks you’re better off friends?

Is he talking about you when you’re not around? Maybe he has asked your friends about you. He wants to know more about you. Chances are he can’t stop thinking about you when you’re not around so he has to bring you up in conversations.

When you’re spending time with him is he really touchy feely? It should be more touchy feely then normal friends would be. Does he touch your neck, legs, back or anything else? If he just touches your arm while talking, this is a different kind of touch. A lot of people touch other people while talking while not being attracted to them.

Does he always want to hang out with you? This might be a sign that he just can’t be without you. If he is sending you texts, calling, or even posting on your Facebook wall it could be a good sign. It is a sign that he is attracted to you and wants to spend more time with you to get to know you more.

Is he always trying to grab your attention when you’re together? Is he cracking funny jokes or taking on stunts to show you what he is worth? A lot of guys use humor to grab a girl’s attention. This means he wants you to notice him, and wants you to react in a positive way about him

Does he listen intently to what you have to say? This is a great sign showing that he is a good listener, but not only that; he is also very interested in what you have to say. If he is wandering off while you talk to him, then chances are that he is not really interested in you or what you have to say.

Does he smile a lot when you’re together? Does he smile when he is around you, or when you show up? He must just be happy to be in your company if so. This is something that shows that he feels great around you, and wants to be around you. Of course, if he is a naturally smiley person then you have to keep in mind that this might not be a good sign.

Having these signs might mean he is into you, but stay tuned since you want to make sure. If he really is then he will make other moves as well in the future. You want to make sure you feel it as well, and accept the invitation to another or more dates in the upcoming months. Who knows where it might lead you?

8 Things Women Do Not Want to Hear on the First Date

There are many things that you should not disclose on the first date. A lot of times women do not want to hear every bare bone secret that you have. You should learn what things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date. Women have opened up, spoken, and let men all over the world know what they would prefer not to hear when it comes to going on a first date with someone that they have just met.


8. “My ex is home watching our kids right now.”
– If you’re going on and on about your ex, chances are she is going to think that you still want your ex. If you talk about how great of a relationship you have had with her, and that she is still a very big, involved part of your life then this is not the type of guy a potential girlfriend is going to want as her boyfriend. The risk being – she does not want her heart broken because of the risk that you might leave her, and go back to your ex.
7. “I’d love to see you in a dress next time.”
– If you’re telling her what to wear and how to wear it, she is going to take this as you’re trying to make her into something she is not. She is going to want a guy who likes her for her, and not for what he wants her to be. You do not want to try to ‘control’ her or you’re going to lose her.
6. “I actually still live with my ex.”
– This is definitely not something she wants to know. This is something that is much too complicated for any girl to get involved in. Better yet, if you still live with your ex, you should probably wait until you move out to start dating. It would be best for everyone involved.
5. “I have never been in a long term or serious, committed relationship.”
– Unless you’re both young, this might be a sign of commitment issues. Most likely, she is looking for some sort of strong, long term relationship, and if you can’t commit, then why is she even on this date anyway?
4. “I still live with my parents, and uh… I don’t have a job.”
– This is never, ever a good thing to say on the first date. Women like men who have jobs, are stable, and also independent. If they find out that you need someone to take care of you then you can kiss dating, serious relationships, or anything else goodbye, especially if you’re a middle aged man.

3. “Can you believe that she put a restraining order on me?” – Why would she want to date a psycho? Why was the restraining order put on you? For stalking her? This is something that you do not want to put out there on the first date. You might also be putting yourself out there as not such a good, stable individual when you have to go around and bother your ex.

2. “I don’t have any hobbies.” – Women like men who have hobbies, and who are passionate about something. If you do not show any passion for something, then what can you do together? They are going to give up on you since you’re no fun or dull.

1. “I would like you to meet my friend Joe.”
– Who brings their friends on first dates with them, or invites them to show up? This shows that you’re not at all interested in what she has to say, so you decided to invite your buddy along. This is not a message you want to be sending to her. This is an incredibly immature thing to do.